Motivating people with a mobility challenging disease to join the SuperWalk.


Living with Parkinson’s takes fighting spirit, day after day, after day.

Best Test

We shifted all media to digital to reach the 1% of Canadians affected by Parkinson’s. We tested every way to reach our audience online – from Twitter handles to health networks to geo-fencing mobility clinics.




Across three years funds raised grew by 20% during a time when not-for-profit events saw an average annual decline of 2.5%. This was fueled by a 16X return on ad spend.

Cumulative growth year over year.

Client Quote

“ Our results speak for themselves and we couldn’t be happier. Beyond the merits of a test and learn approach, what mattered most was helping us hyper-target our niche audience. Focusing our ad spend on those most likely to care and convert is now integrated throughout our business and is driving impact.”

Jon Collins
Vice President, Marketing and Fundraising